NP3 – A Weekend In Tweets

We encouraged attendees to tweet with the hastag #nps3 during the symposium. We’ve collected a summary of the event through twitter, a big thank you to everyone who narrated the weekend!

13th May

@curlythoughts At the Bluecoat, with @Redeyenetwork ready to start… Photography, Espionage and the State. #NPS3 #photography

@brendadada #NPS kicking off with huge pic of the #fit from David Hoffman. It’s going to be an interesting weekend.

@chazzoh #nps3 redeye symposium @bluecoat, 1st session state & espionage. never done a photography conference b4

@saratrula Hearing about tactical documentary photography at #nps3

@curlythoughts In our actions as photographers, are we all surveillance officers now? Do we create a searchable and mapped database of our lives? #NPS3

@chazzoh #nps3 social change stifled & disrupted by pre-emptive policing @davidhoffman

@saratrula David Hoffman speaking now at #nps3 “the more the FIT look for something the mire they see it and so the more they look for it and so on”

@brendadada #nps3 David Hoffman “we’re all targets”

@saratrula There is a deliberate and worrying blurring between dissent and terrorism @davidhoffman at #nps3

@photographyuoc # photographer Gary Austin talk on surveillance photography for the intelligence service. No photos as all with MOD! #nose

@chazzoh #nps3 #look11 paul trevor’s beautiful photos of liverpool streets in the 70s in the majestic but still municipal walker gallery

@BusyBetsy hog roast & Brian Biggs dj-ing at The Bluecoat #nps3 #TwitPict


14th May

@photographyuoc Just seen a man dressed as a banana at breakfast #nps3

@alexhodby Just seen a group off to see the new Open Eye Gallery space, whilst a debate on the campaigning photographer goes on upstairs. #nps3

@emmaphotoworks enjoying look11 and #NPS3 in rainy Liverpool. Beautiful show at open eye curated by Mitch Epstein

@brendadada #nps3 Side Gallery’s incredible archive including John Davies’ and Sirkka’s pictures of my village, emotional morning.

@chazzoh #nps3 #look11 people in the pix here looking at their childhoods exchanging memories with people they’v not seen for 35 years. beautiful

@chazzoh #nps3 paul seawright matter of fact captions describing horrible deaths below beguilingly calm beautiful pics of the scenes. shuddering

@smithgrant Paul Seawright ‘camera allows us to occupy prohibited spaces’ #nps3

@chazzoh #nps3 paul seawright – so many layers of thought and discussion in initially quite simple photos. isn’t photography fantastic?!

@chazzoh #nps3 history so deeply inscribed in the surface of a place – paul seawright on lagos

@photographyuoc Paul Seawright keynote at #nps3 very powerfull #photography and talk

@mazmanian #nps3 paul seawright mixes images about text language territory and contested readings of landscape.metaphors for fragmented narratives

@mazmanian #nps3 paul seawright on monumental spaces,the representation of conflict. places become totemic,concerned with how to distill representation

@mazmanian #nps3 paul herrmann – metadata makes the world go round

@photographyuoc At #nps3 Liverpool looking forward to Karen Strunks talk ‘4am project’ this afternoon then new Open Eye gallery tour

@BusyBetsy Brilliant anecdotes from John Stoddart #nps3

@mazmanian #nps3 paul hill on buildin an archive,record things radio tv keep articles re the relevance of these materials on the history of photography

@curlythoughts Paul Hill: “Since 2006 more photographs have been taken than in the whole history of photography before that.” #NPS3

@mazmanian #nps3 post lunch session on the photographic centre of the future..first up discussion on scottish national photographic centre

@curlythoughts Photographers and their archives: how and what do we archive if we don’t know what the historian of the future will be interested in? #NPS3

@alexhodby Clare Grafik presents thoughts about The Photographers’ Gallery and social media #nps3

@curlythoughts Florian Koempel details how UK Music champions the cause of commercial music in UK. Could such a body do the same for photography? #NPS3


@chazzoh #nps3 we need a new mass observation project, at risk of sounding controversial, more than we need a physical centre

@alexhodby Talking about the photography centre of the future #nps3

@alexhodby Do we need am edifice for a photography centre? asks Graeme Murdoch. #nps3

@alexhodby #nps3 Karin Bareman informs us about Dutch photography centres – great comparisons & info

@chazzoh #nps3 #4amproject democratic representation in action AND great pics of many different styles

@chazzoh #nps3 #4amproject community is a group if people with shared experiences & common assumptions. even if only humanity & being up at 4am

@curlythoughts Andrew Wiard from pro-imaging stressing the positive work done on, and by, the Artist’s Bill of Rights for competitions. #NPS3

@alexhodby David Drake commenting on power and control in the exhibition of photographs #nps3

@chazzoh #nps3 andrew wiard giving us the low down on hadn’t realised it was started by godon harrison in wester ross

@brendadada Great scary presentation and pics from @davidhoffmanuk yesterday. #nps3

@curlythoughts Sharpening my pencil for the final session of the afternoon… Keynote speaker Dornith Doherty. #NPS3

@saratrula Dornith Doherty projects her images onto a collected still life from the locations and themes of her photographs #nps3

@saratrula The connection to expeditionary photography, being a “trusted witness” is key to Doherty working. #nps3

@alexhodby Dornith Doherty giving the last keynote of the day #nps3 @ The Bluecoat

@curlythoughts On train from Liverpool. I had a fascinating and stimulating two days. Will blog, there’s just the matter of the #GreatmancRun first! #NPS3


15th May

@Documentally The story Dean Chapman is sharing about the Arts Councils desicion on funding for Amber Collective & Side Gallery is a horror movie. #nps3

@Documentally Photography is more than just a ‘visual art’. Cuts cause not only a loss to photography but a loss to historical & social documentary #nps3

@photographyuoc #nps3 major success we think best one ever. So much #Photography

@Documentally So many of the concerns/fears the photographic world (art & otherwise) have, seem to mirror that of the world of journalism. #nps3

@gemma_thorpe talk by Dean Chapman & slideshow of Amber collective & Side Gallery’s archive most inspirational so far #nps3 despite being re: funding cuts

@saratrula The talk @karenstrunks gave to #nps3 about the @4amproject was really great. Such a fantastic use of social media to create a unique event

@Documentally Apparently there is a national no photography day (where you are meant to think more) but we don’t have a national photography day. #nps3

@Documentally Maybe skint photographers should put their skills to use & start earning money from the curation of the worlds images. #nps3

@emmaphotoworks Interesting last talk at #NPS3 on funding cuts and does the photography network need an agenda?

@Documentally The temporary closure of large galleries in Amsterdam (for refurbishment) has had a visible economic impact via visitors to the city. #nps3

@Documentally There are suggestions of a mass closure of galleries in protest at arts cuts. #nps3

@BusyBetsy It’s been a very inspiring #nps3 weekend. Thank you to all the wonderful people who took part. It is hard to wind down from it all.

@photographyuoc At #nps3 an outstanding success this weekend. Made loads of new friends and contacts – that’s what it’s all about








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