Innovative Business Models

Here’s the list Paul Herrmann quoted at the NPS of photographers with interesting and innovative business models. Some of them are on the edge of what might be considered a “professional photographer”, but others have only made a few changes to how they do things – enough to bring in new business and stand out.

In many cases they have explained their business models at Redeye (or other) events, or interviews, and the links below might not give the full story. As always, if you are interested in any of them, it’s worth seeking them out at public talks and events for a chat. The comments are Paul’s brief interpretation, not the photographers’ own.

Karen McBride – independent, web-based, defines her own terms

Andy Sewell – establishing a network for pre-selling limited edition books

Rob Hornstra  – The Sochi Project – loyalty scheme, crowd funding plus

Stephen Gill – web shop for limited edition prints and self-made books

Esther Teichmann – cross-fertilising balance of artistic work, commissions and teaching

Christian Payne – Photojournalism -> YouTube -> AudioBoo -> social media & tech pioneer

Liz Hingley – seeking out the right clients – awards, competitions, submissions, commissions

Daniel Meadows – online connecting stories and thinking about his archive

Susan Meiselas – towards collaboration (AKA Kurdistan, Postcards from America, Re-framing history)

Chromasia – Blogging -> commercial work -> training -> web skills and SEO

The Caravan Gallery – touring, workshops, engagement – a hook for public projects

Broomberg & Chanarin – photography as the end-product of a conversation, smart subversion

Sebastian Junger and James Brabazon – broadening the documentary form with a multifaceted approach to storytelling: video, photography, writing

In-Public – genre-focussed collective

Piece of Cake – a collective with quarterly group development workshops often linked to festivals

Daniel Arnold – decided one day to sell prints via Instagram

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